So how much does a Web site cost, anyway?

Unlike most design firms, we do NOT charge by the hour. We find this to be unfair to the client as a designer can easily claim that they took 30 hours to design something that actually only took 20 hours.
The cost for the first page designed is MYR1,500.00, as the initial design is the most difficult and time consuming task. Additional pages cost between MYR150.00 - MYR300.00, depending on the length and complexity of the pages. Also, we will code and submit your site to the top search engines.
Other costs you may incur that are NOT included in the page rate
Mandatory Costs:
Domain Name:
Your Domain name is the address of your Web site. For example, http://www.crunchyfrogpro.com is a domain name. The cost for this is fixed on a per annum basis.
The Domain name will point to the server where your Web Site files are placed. Think of this as an online hard drive. The cost for this is fixed on a per annum basis and depends on your hosting company.
Optional Costs:
Images liven up a Web site and give visual meaning to the words. We are able to design or prepare images for display on the Web site. The cost of this varies depending on the source of the images, and the level of work required to make them web-appropriate.
Motion Graphics / Animation / Media:
Thanks to our in-house production facilities, we are able to create stunning audio-visual displays to further enhance the look of a Web site. The cost of this varies depending on the level of work required.
Advanced Functions:
This includes things like database integration, automatically updating information, customized e-mail submission forms, Design and development of printer-friendly versions of documents (PDF format), Shopping Carts, Payment Gateway Integration, Copyediting, etc.
Web Site Maintenance:
We are available to continue to maintain and update the site. If you prefer to assume these tasks, we can help you understand the tools you'll need and how to go about keeping your site looking great...

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