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Do you have a Web site that isn't what you expected or has come to a stage where it needs to be reworked? Most of our clients are businesses with a Web site that needs revamping and in some cases, to be completely redone. We have encountered clients unhappy with Web sites that had been neglected; never right to begin with; merely adequate or downright hideous!

We work closely with each client to develop the site appropriate for their particular business. We offer advice on all aspects of site design from hosting, to email, and the incorporation of multimedia into the Web site. The result is a Web site that is appealing both visually yet be able to put its message across effectively.


FULLY RESPONSIVE across all platforms and devices

So what does this mean? A responsive web design resizes and optimises content layout depending on the device being a desktop, tablet or mobile. If text and links appear too small and requires a user to scroll, pinch and zoom, then it isn’t responsive.

This is important because over 50% of internet use is now being accessed from a mobile device, This is in order to give the average visitor a good experience and maintain engagement, otherwise you risk losing them as customers.

Additionally, Google now favours mobile friendly websites and employs responsive design techniques as a ranking factor which can affect your search result position.

Any website which isn’t mobile friendly would greatly benefit from a responsive redesign.

“The average amount of time spent online per user on smartphones exceeds that spent browsing on desktops and laptops” – Ofcom 2015 

Responsive Websites

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Centrora Security

Design & Purpose For A Wide Range Of Businesses

All our websites from small business to larger sites are built using a platform that is simple to use, scalable, upgradable and with a large variety of expansion options to suit every business. You have full control of making changes when you like, whilst having the security of knowing we are always there for you.

Besides aesthetic appeal, our websites are developed from a marketing point of view. There's no point in developing something if all its going to do is to sit there looking pretty. No, its got to get to WORK.

Therefore we develop websites to be versatile and easily customisable to suit the style and positively reflect any business and enhance your brand presence.

We have built a wide variety of websites for Promoting Services, Complementing Social Media, Visual Showcasing, Local Enterprises & Trades, Contests, Festivals, and much, much more!
Satisfied Clients



Ideal if you would like to be more involved in your website & take control. Whichever platform you choose, it is content managed. This means you can login & make any changes yourself.


Mobile friendly blogs so you can keep your visitors up to date with your latest news, offers & everything else. We can also integrate your social media profiles to work seamlessly together.


Whatever your main goal is for your website, we know how important contact with customers is. All your emails are secured with a transactional email service which provides reliability.


Receive detailed statistics about your websites traffic, sources of that traffic and measure conversions and sales. Insights into how your website is performing that can help you make intelligent marketing decisions.


With this feature you can create impressive image galleries, both quickly & easily. No technical knowledge needed; you only need to select the images you want to use & the CMS does the rest!


It is a well known fact that video content creates interest and engages visitors, increasing the conversion rate into customers. Clients can provide their videos or have us produce them to be incorporated into the website.

Now Let's Talk ECOMMERCE

Why is eCommerce important?
eCommerce offers businesses a vital opportunity to offer their customers round-the-clock convenience. A good eCommerce strategy that adds excellent customer service and a dynamic social media presence into the mix can spell higher traffic and better sales for your business.
eCommerce Influences Purchase Decisions
When customers are deciding on a purchase, they start by looking online.

Your website is your showroom, where customers can research your product and see all the reasons it is right for them.

Now imagine that same product was just a couple of clicks away from being theirs. A well-designed eCommerce site can influence purchase decisions by showcasing your product at its best, and making it as easy as pie to take action and make a purchase.
E-commerce websites


Below are some samples of sites created, which are now being wholly maintained by the Owners themselves. Our policy is that the Owner of the site should be in control of THEIR SITE, not the other way around!

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